20cm Mirror Ball with Rotating Motor & Disco Light Kit

The fantastic value all-in-one disco ball set that includes the 20 cm (8″) mirror ball, mirror ball motor, 15cm chain, fixing and spotlight and rotating colour wheel. Great value kit will transform any room into a disco. Ideal for party venues, schools, pubs, clubs and the home.



20cm Mirror Ball with Motor & Disco Light

The fantastic value for money disco ball set that includes the 20 cm (8″) mirror ball which is supplied with a 15cm chain to connect to a rotating ceiling motor. The set also includes a PAR36 spotlight supplied with a rotating colour wheel to allow the colours to change automatically. The mirror ball motor includes fixings to attach it to the ceiling. An all-in-one disco ball package to liven up any party, celebration or disco.

  • 20cm mirror ball with 15cm support chain
  • Mirrorball motor (230Vac) 1.5rpm
  • PAR36 spotlight (230Vac) with rotating colour wheel
  • 2.5rpm and 30W 6V lamp supplied
  • Power supply: 230Vac, 50Hz

Disco balls are great fun for kids parties, discos and special events. This set is supplied with a ceiling motor, chain, fixings, 20cm mirror ball and a rotating coloured spot light to make that party extra special!

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