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When it comes to mirror balls, we are the experts. We stock and supply disco balls in all possible sizes from over 1m down to 5cm diameters. We stock professional mirror balls that are supplied with small 5cm facets and many glitter balls with larger facets. Our mirror balls are supplied to the big ballrooms, theatres, retail shops, film sets, function venues, nightclubs, marquee hire companies, schools and the general public. We have mirror balls to suit all budgets

mirror-balls.co.uk is the leading stockist of high quality disco balls. Our range includes balls to suit all budgets – Mirror balls for the disco diva at home, or high quality mirror balls for the big ballrooms. Not only do we supply mirror balls, but we stock a large range of electric and battery operated rotating motors, ceiling fixing kits, LED lights, filters and spotlights.

If you cannot find a mirror ball you are after, or a rotating motor or disco lighting, please don’t hesitate to call our technical sales team on the number below. We are always happy to help.


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